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About  L Jack & Associates

We make your business life easier

Say goodbye to feeling overwhelmed with the amount of accounting admin and compliance you need to do in your small business.

Our job is to streamline and simplify how you do things.

You get time back to do what you love doing most, whether that is taking a strategic view of your business or getting back more balance in your life.



Hello, I'm Leonie Jack, the lead Chartered Accountant at L Jack & Associates.  I ditched a life destined for the medical field for a life with numbers.

Most of my family are all in the medical field and naturally assumed I would follow suit, but I've always loved numbers and the order of things.

During a University open day my mother steered me towards the medical industry, only to be baffled that my interest wasn't front line patient care, but in medical record-keeping instead, as it appealed to my love of organisation.

Then at a high school career day, I made a beeline for the local accountant (who just happened to be my Aunt!).  When I sat opposite her, she laughed and said "Oh, you don't want to talk to me, you're not interested in accounting.  Well, I think I might be, was my response.

And the rest is history.

Structure, order, and balance are in my nature.

I was the kid who loved everything organised and structured.  I couldn't wait to go to the bank with my mum just so I could fill in the bank deposit slip.

These days I get the same joy from systems and processes when I introduce new ways of doing things that save my clients valuable time.

But not in  a, you have to do it this way, kind of way.  I enjoy unearthing what works for my clients and what best suits their way of doing things.  Because while you could say accounting is the same for everyone, one thing I know for sure is that everyone has their own way of doing things.

I get a real buzz from the moment I see the relief on my client's face because everything just flows as it should.

I'm a highly qualified Chartered Accountant.

I have worked with some of Australia's most respected mid-tier chartered accounting firms and other local accounting practices before I took over the  business in  2014.

With over 25 years of experience, I'm highly qualified to look after your financial needs.

  • Bachelor of Economics (BEc)
  • Chartered Accountant (CA)
  • Registered Tax Agent
  • Registered SMSF Auditor
  • Financial Advisor (Authorised Representative of L Jack & Associates Strategic Advisory Pty Ltd)


Life is like accounting.  Everything must be balanced.

Our history

Remember when I told you I spoke to my aunt at the high-school career day?  Well as it turns out, I ended up following in her footsteps and buying her business.

So, this is a second-generation accounting practice, with strong family values and community ties.

Things have changed over the years, but the dedication to helping business owners organise and get on top of their financials, still holds true.   Giving them more time to work on and in the business, over drowning in the business admin side of things.

We lean on technology and automation to make day-to-day business admin easier, and we implement accounting practices that streamline and simplify the running of the business.

A work/life balance is important to me, and I want that for my clients too.  You can go on holiday without the stress of wondering what will happen while you're out of the office, confident everything is set up to run smoothly.

On the weekends you'll find me hanging out at a local cafe having brunch with my husband (we love a good coffee), enjoying the great outdoors, or catching up with my now-grown-up children who have no desire to be accountants.








What you can expect when you work with us.

We may look at your numbers, but you will never be a number here.

Personal, attentive services is entrenched in our business DNA, so we become part of your team.  Someone you can rely on to keep an eye on your business finances and navigate potential risks as you grow.

Know that when you choose us, we're the ones doing the work.  We don't outsource.

As your small business and tax accountant, we stay on top of all the rules and regulations, so you don't have to.  Your business will be ready for changing legislation and able to jump on opportunities to optimise your tax position.

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