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Business Accounting Services for every stage of business

A business accountant is there to guide you through all the phases of your business evolution.

During startup

We provide guidance on how to best structure your business, streamline your process and stay on top of tax obligations.

Get it right up-front. We set up your business structure and business accounts, keep an eye on cash flow and establish systems from the get-go. 

With our help, there’s only one application to get your ABN, TFN, PAYG withholding, and GST registration.

During the early growth phase

Knowing when to hire, cash flow projections, software expansion, and staying on top of your accounting needs are essential during this time of growth.

To work in with your growth ambitions we revisit how to best structure your business, what new processes you need to adopt and how you can stay on top of tax obligations.

Growth and expansion

This is when more opportunities come your way. The secret to success is getting the timing right and knowing which ones are right for you.
Get our help before you make a significant financial investment for your personal or business plans.

Wrapping it up

There may be many reasons why wrapping up your business could be the right move. We’re here to make sure it’s wound up properly and in the most tax-effective way possible.

Ways to work with us

Your reason for seeing a business or personal accountant may be
to sort an immediate issue or because you seek long-term support.

That’s why we offer two ways of working


Get it done
Book in the service you need
Pay a fee and it’s off your plate.



Done with you
For a quarterly fee, we provide ongoing support and guidance to manage and stay on top of your finances.

Working with us

Getting started is straightforward.

Step 1:   We have a discovery call to understand what help you may need
Step 2:   We give you a quote so you know how much it will cost
Step 3:   You say yes, and we start working together

What you need to know about working with a business accountant

To get the most out of working with a business accountant it’s good to know who does what.

You  (our client)
- give us access to the info we need (you can set up accountant access for most things)
- keep your own records too (yes, you still need to), or, give us access to your systems and we’ll help you stay on top of it
- be open to automation and new ways of doing things
- share your vision for your business and personal situation

Business Accountant (that’s us)
- transparent about timings, process, and fees
- take a big picture view
- help you get organised
- stay on top of changing legislation and tax regulations
- aim to improve your financial position
- help you meet your business goals
- analyses the numbers and explains what they mean

We can help with your personal accounting needs too, we offer personal tax returns, financial advice and estate planning.


Do you need a business accountant or a chartered accountant?

Although similar in function, the roles of a chartered accountant and a business accountant are different.

A business accountant usually looks after the everyday accounting needs of a business (such as processing and lodging company tax returns).

A chartered accountant has additional qualifications and business knowledge. This means they can help you navigate complicated business structures, operating environments, government regulations, and taxes.

They don’t just work with the numbers, they really see them, finding valuable insights to help your business thrive.

Is your business ready to take it to the next level?
We’re ready to help. Book in a discovery call.

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