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Are you getting together remotely this Xmas?

Tuesday December 08 2020

Usually by now we have our venues booked and menus sorted for the end of year staff gathering, or even have had it already! But this year many businesses are having to gather remotely instead.


If you haven't already got a plan or organized a date yet its not too late.  We have some ideas to help bring out the fun and creativity of your team. We even include guidance on the tax treatment of gifts you may provide!


  • Send an inventive invitation to the event, there are lots of digital platforms to make this easy for you.
  • Set a theme - and ask people to get creative with their decor, backgrounds and costumes.
  • If you have creative team members, get them to have some fun designing virtual backgrounds and animated gifs for staff to use on the day.
  • Slideshows, videos, music playlists, games, speeches, talent shows, a day in the life of... working remotely,
  • Consider having an outside MC to host the event.
  • Showcase the skills and achievements of your staff.
  • Send packages to everyone and have them open their gifts during the party. Or organize Secret Santa exchanges for the day. (sent in advance of course)
  • Deliver food and beverage hampers for the party so staff can relax and enjoy a party atmosphere with some special catering.

Staff Gifts - What Can You Claim?


Non-entertainment type gifts such as hampers, wine or gift vouchers that cost less than $300 (including GST) are generally tax deductible with no fringe benefits tax implication. You can claim the GST and tax deduction.


Entertainment gifts include things like tickets to theatre or sporting events, travel and club memberships. If these items cost less than $300 then no fringe benefits tax applies, but you cannot claim the GST or tax deduction on these expenses.


Entertainment is not usually a deductible business expense. We are here to help if you are unsure.


Enjoy the Celebration


Parties are usually only tax deductible if fringe benefits tax applies.


There are many rules around tax deductibility of parties and gifts - give us a call before you finalise your event so you know how much it will cost and which expenses will be deductible. Then you can relax with your staff and celebrate the year!